Inspiring you to believe in yourself, motivating you to make lifestyle changes, and helping you achieve success.
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Tabitha is a positive, knowledgeable and encouraging trainer. Emily is intelligent, realistic and easy to talk to about how to make changes to your eating habits.

I began my journey to better health after years of trying different diets and losing weight only to gain it back plus more. My semi annual doctor visits to check my cholesterol became more serious when i was told I should consider going on medication to control my high cholesterol. I decided it was time for one more try and this time I would do it the right way. Control my diet and incorporate more structured exercise.

My first meeting was with Emily. I was able to understand more about my diet. She helped me understand what my body needed and what it did not need. Next I began my journey with Tab and a regular exercise routine. Tab's classes were challenging but I saw results!

Tabitha offers health tracking. I wish I had said yes in the very beginning to having her record my weight and measurements, but I wasn't comfortable doing that until I had seen results after the first few months.

My comparison numbers to date are amazing to me. First, my doctor is thrilled because my cholesterol is now NORMAL-no medication! I have lost 30 lbs according to my bathroom scale! I have so much more energy and I sleep great. In the time that Tab kept track of my measurements I have lost about 10 lbs of fat and gained a pound in muscle.

I can't thank Emily and Tabitha enough! They continue to encourage and help me to succeed. I look forward to exercising because I see the results. I keep track of what I eat and understand that it directly effects how I feel and function.

I 100% recommend this team to educate anyone on a better path to health and fitness!!

Teresa Izer